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Risk ratings are set to None, Low, or High for 17 categories including:

Meet strangers 9cf3ff8ab19d9943ed5e46c2383d01be4828af4215fbbf6882a7bd2a2c7bc736 Risk of Meeting Strangers


EXAMPLES: Apps designed for meeting strangers, social networks with too many anonymity, messaging products with high anonymity.


EXAMPLES: Social networks where you are primarily there for talking to people you already know, but where you can meet strangers. Other products with social integrations that are secondary and do not have geo matching and have low anonymity scores.

Age violence 668f5b1a53f11630f83326aea5517449da1623681d4d3cb98c31885d1c6c5d6b Adult Content Risk


EXAMPLES: Social products where people can and frequently do share content. Content providers, such as streaming video sites, who offer apps with adult content inside of them.


EXAMPLES: Social networks and messaging products where people can share adult content.

Bullying risks 5b4c33cf761dbe51a534082c1a848573b98bb4e04312d1f086b2f2207f4cc5db Bullying Risk


EXAMPLES: Social networks and messaging products with high degrees of anonymity, especially those tied to geography, schools attended, etc.


EXAMPLES: Social networks with low degrees of anonymity.

Sexting risks 713c2ae22f5a88866ebc014ab7658107a04b1ee311461332ed34cc5855e8385d Sexting Risks


EXAMPLES: Products designed for meeting strangers. Products designed for anonymously messaging strangers.


EXAMPLES: All messaging products have these risks.

Ratings are also provided for up to 13 other risks including various kinds of violence, foul language, drug references, and more.

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How Are These Ratings Developed?

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We continually study new apps coming into the market, new versions of existing apps and monitor criminal reports and other news of bad outcomes happening on apps.

Feature2 e7dc3577bed3564e47ebba419120adddf1b17c6ada6bc0d8656d2c83683de2ff
Identifying Mechanics and Content of Concern

From our research, we make an ever-growing and evolving list of mechanics that concern us based on the bad outcomes we see and our experience in studying thousands of these outcomes.

Feature3 1c26d448c7e023ee6de5414c24a7e0715e6eeac509e66b6e30bce103eb0f1b7a
Relating Mechanics and Content to Bad Outcomes

We assign risk ratings to the apps based on how much of a concern the risks are. All messaging products can be used for sexting, for example, but different mechanics and use cases will cause some to be more or less likely to be used for sexting. This is where we risk rate that.

Feature4 9dcea57f867a55f55d7f0fba0a54459a786ee69ddbb14cca92b6aa0dbcf338cd
Identifying Mechanics and Content in Apps

We then search for apps that have these mechanics and content of concern and apply risk ratings to them.

Feature5 22983a447161c82b04341a2d259445cd0038a40f4346fde7b6096dca38c09e7b
Assigning Age Ratings

Based on the ratings, we will assign up to two age ratings to an app. One is the minimum age to use an app. The other is the minimum age to use an app without a parent being aware.