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SaferText allows you to see your child's:

Text message icon e44e24ffaf33880a95078871c1d7fb5de4269ee7bfed2442ff7aa797b4e45ded

Text message history

Web browsing history icon b0b789b423c2d07c3afdc90226bb52e85acd5bd088cd1d7392819dbda37c1c58

Web browsing history

Phone icon b7fa55a689cedb05044a92fe6b0667b50004bce36bc7f1ed0e2f3757afc905dd

Phone call history

Phone book icon 22d0f83e2b01f1fabe351b74b7ecbc087f863d72d40a080571948296e1430088

Phone contacts, and more

As your children get older,
they earn more privacy,
and you can turn these
features off...

Turn them back
on anytime you
need to.

Parental superpowers 67fd4311172d0738159a345e3782d65fc798d99629401d551dd535c44f37e80c

Automatically block adult web sites

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Automatically block adult web sites

Sleep edfdcd5cd58e6a0e7b57ab2b0c91e02977b8ac7b0f2e8dc83ce853354a681f96

Specify a bedtime for 3rd party apps

Wake up b04683e22c7e9fed324fa435790c29462d3e1b9719c4038facb5b66bced7b243

Specify a wake up time for 3rd party apps

Enable disable ca67c2606d4e3e52765eacbc5f05df8ebdc5cab10c10ec6db06a0cd0ba9abf9e

Enable/disable apps for a specified period of time

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Get alerts when SaferKid detects apps with

Eye 6bb1f725046cee838a5a3abcca83b130e36f22b17467c689d4a41ef84e4ae0c3

Ways to Secretly Meet Strangers

Age viol1 295aa683c3311439b7e7096dff8cf8495ec8caf5668bdbc86267454db8f4e189

Age-Inappropriate Violence

Sexting risks1 2358df9660b7f40b378d4f160ce51b41377e5ca829c0bd3de331f262542281b0

Sexting Risks

Bulling1 c0255597bfd3d5d656c28aa4ac4a1de9274cb76a742300d5abbad3b987a9f72c

Bullying Risks

Get alerts if your child downloads any of
200,000 high risk mobile apps

Get What You Need to Parent
Our app rating system was developed after extensive research into what the real app risks are, and what you need to know. learn more

App review dc79faec7e3a0712ecd3a272a849ef019a76724c831ad34c67c9915e15bac001
Our reviews include possible developmental risks, links to parent's guides and tips on how to talk to your children about the apps.


Protection Is a 3 Step Process

  • 1
    Enter each child's name and birthdate for age-specific coverage.
  • 2
    Follow the set-up guide to connect any iOS or Android device. This enables remote monitoring.
  • 3
    See text messages, web browsing history, and more. Get alerts of dangerous apps and parenting tips.
SaferKid cannot be disabled without parent's knowledge (on iOS) or consent (on Android).