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Parental superpowers
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Safer text

SaferText allows you to see your child's:

Text message icon

Text message history

Web browsing history icon

Web browsing history

Phone icon

Phone call history
(Android only)

Phone book icon

Phone contacts, and more

As your children get older,
they earn more privacy,
and you can turn these
features off...

Turn them back
on anytime you
need to.

Parental superpowers

Automatically block adult web sites

No porn

Automatically block adult web sites


Specify a bedtime for 3rd party apps

Wake up

Specify a wake up time for 3rd party apps

Enable disable

Enable/disable apps for a specified period of time

Green band with phone
Safer alert large

Get alerts when SaferKid detects apps with


Ways to Secretly Meet Strangers

Age viol1

Age-Inappropriate Violence

Sexting risks1

Sexting Risks


Bullying Risks

Get alerts if your child downloads any of
200,000 high risk mobile apps

Get What You Need to Parent
Our app rating system was developed after extensive research into what the real app risks are, and what you need to know. learn more

App review
Our reviews include possible developmental risks, links to parent's guides and tips on how to talk to your children about the apps.


Protection Is a 3 Step Process

  • 1
    Enter each child's name and birthdate for age-specific coverage.
  • 2
    Follow the set-up guide to connect any iOS or Android device. This enables remote monitoring.
  • 3
    See text messages, web browsing history, and more. Get alerts of dangerous apps and parenting tips.
SaferKid cannot be disabled without parent's knowledge (on iOS) or consent (on Android).