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MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live

By MeetMe, Inc.
SaferKid Age Rating
No one under age 18 should use this app
Sexting Risk
Red high
Adult Content (Photo or Video)
Red high
Bullying Risk
Red low
Meet Strangers Risk
Red high
Profanity or Crude Humor
Yellow low
Mature/Suggestive Themes
Yellow high
Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Yellow low
Sexual Content or Nudity
Yellow low
This is an independent review. We are not affilated with MeetMe, Inc.
Bottom Line

This is consistently one of the top 50 social networking apps. It is a location-based social network for meeting people near you. There have been numerous reports of child rape and sexual assaults occurring as a result of adults meeting children through the app. In addition, even between minors, 1-to-1 meeting apps can lead to violations of various laws related to rape and child pornography if the minors are too many years apart in various jurisdictions. It is not worth the risk to let a minor use a product like this.

Talking to Your Children

If this is on your child's phone, you need to have a conversation with your child about the danger of meeting up with people met online. In addition to our parent's guides for bullying and adult content, please review our guides for sexting and meeting strangers online. Based on the nature of the conversations, you may need to involve law enforcement to protect your child.

More Info

On more than one occasion, a minor has signed up for MeetMe and ended up the victim of a child sex crime. In the same way that children and young adults explore tobacco and alcohol, they sometimes explore apps like these. However, in a few mouse clicks and some conversations, it can have disastrous consequences.

Here is a list of news articles (one per victim) of some child sex crimes where the perpetrators found the victims on MeetMe. The date is the year of the article. This list is not exhaustive:

2015 - Girl, Naked, Knocks on Door, Says Man Met on MeetMe tried to kill her

2015 - Man Crawled in Window of 12 Year Old Girl Met on MeetMe & Raped Her

2015 - Sexual Assault of 13 Year Old

2015 - Sexual Assault of 15 Year Old

2015 - Various Offline Sex Crimes. On MeetMe, Pretended to Be a Girl to Get Minor Boys to Disrobe

2015 - Man Convicted on Child Porn Charges Pretended to Be 17 on MeetMe to Send Explicit Photos from Minors

2015 - 25 Year Old Man Rapes 14 Year Old Girl He Met on MeetMe

2015 - Man Arrested In Child Sex Sting Also Posting on Looking for Minors

2015 - Sting Seeking Sex with 13 Year Old Girl. Previously Successfully Assaulted Two Others

2015 - 23 Year Old Man Pretended to Be 17, Assaulted 15 Year-Old Girl

2015 - 2nd Arrest for Child Porn in a Few Months. First was from MeetMe

2015 - 6 Arrested in Sting Using Various Sites, Including MeetMe

2015 - 22 Year Old Received Nude Photos of 15 Year Old, Tried to Extort More

2015 - Online Enticement and Transmission of Child Pornography Related to Texts to 13 Year Old Met on MeetMe

2014 - 22 Man Year Old Man Signed Up for Meetme as 16, Had Sex with 13 Year Old Girl

2014 - 3 Men Raped Same 15 Year-Old Girl: At Least One Met Her on MeetMe

2014 - 22 Year Old Charged with 9 Counts of Statutory Rape, 1 Count Child Porn

2014 - Man Tricked, Threatened & Extorted More Than a Dozen Boys & Girls to Send Naked Photos & Videos

2014 - 27 Year Old Man Pretended to Be 16 on MeetMe, Charged with Rape of 15 Year Old

2014 - 27 Year Old Man Posed as 17, Had Sex with 15 Year Old

2014 - 25 Year Old Man Met 13 Year Old on MeetMe, Had Sex

2014 - Registered Sex Offender Accused Of Sex with 15 Year Old from MeetMe

2013 - Sextortion Case of 17 Year Old

2013 - 47 Year Old Man Had Sex with 13 Year Old Girl He Met on MeetMe

2013 - 25 Year Old Male Accused of Rape of 15 Year Old Girl

2013 - Charged with Enticement, Child Porn and Other Crimes

2013 - Man Engaged in Oral Sex with 13 Year Old Boy

2013 - Man Posed as 16 Year Old, Had Sex with 12 Year Old

2013 - Man Posed as 16 Year Old, Had Sex with 15 Year Old

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