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ASKfm: Ask Anonymous Questions

SaferKid Age Rating
No one under age 18 should use this app
Sexting Risk
Red high
Adult Content (Photo or Video)
Red high
Bullying Risk
Red high
Meet Strangers Risk
Red high
Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Yellow low
Profanity or Crude Humor
Yellow low
Mature/Suggestive Themes
Yellow low
Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Yellow low
Sexual Content or Nudity
Yellow low
Unrestricted Web Access
Yellow high
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Bottom Line

Bullying is a serious problem with the app and should be a major concern for parents. In the past several years, multiple cases of teens committing suicide have been directly linked cyberbullying and harassment received via the platform. For some of these teens, the bullying lasted longer than one year and included messages from anonymous users encouraging the victims to kill themselves. While concerns over bullying are more than enough to keep your child or teen from using this app, they are not the only concerns you should have. Since friends can be added through the app, your child may be interacting with predators or extortionists. At least one suicide has been linked to an extortion scam following one teen’s online relationship with a user he believed to be girl. The user blackmailed the teen, threatening to reveal explicit images and video unless paid off. Because of the risks associated with using the app, no child under 18 should have it.

Talking to Your Children

If your child has been using the app, you need to discuss your concerns about the app and the reasons they are not allowed to use it. You should have a conversation with them concerning cyberbullying and determine whether or not they may have been a target. If so, you may want to get them involved with a counselor who can help them work through their experiences in a healthy manner.

More Info

Below, we have compiled links to stories of teens committing suicide as a result of bullying via the platform. We suggest you view these stories to learn more about how serious cyberbullying can be, especially when the target is a child. Also, it is important to be aware that users of the app can access the platform via the website. Even if your child removes this app from their phone, they can access their account from a web browser.

2013 - Tragic Erin named in suicide note, claims mother

2013 - Father of suicide girl, 14, attacks's Latvian bosses after they claim she trolled HERSELF

2013 - Lakeland Girl Commits Suicide After 1½ Years of Being Bullied

2013 - Is your child using the sinister website that pits friend against friend? This week a 15-year-old boy killed himself after being hounded on it. No wonder mothers want it banned...

2013 - Daniel Perry suicide: Teenage blackmail victim received death threats on

2012 - Online bullying claims another teenager's life

2012 - Third suicide in weeks linked to cyberbullying

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